Family of Light

Each message from an angel is like a letter from home, our real home, which is in Heaven.

All of us are children of the Creator, members of the Family of Light, and angels are our spiritually mature brothers and sisters. Today and every day, your angels offer you a cup of love, the elixir of life, and food for thought.

We’ve been away from home for a very long time. Some of us have forgotten who we are, where we’re from and why we are here. Angels have come forward to remind us that we are spiritual beings who left Heaven and traveled to Earth to experience life on the material plane. Just as astronauts must don spacesuits, we had to slip into physical bodies in order to explore the physical world.

We are complex beings with physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soulular bodies. Here at Angel Academy, we strive to care for each of the separate bodies.

Angel Dalia said, “Your physical body, this garment that you wear, is very fragile.”

Physical body parts, including the heart, are easily broken. When bodies suffer blows or succumb to illness, they need help to heal. We believe that love is the healer, laughter is the best medicine, and food is the fuel that makes a body run.

The mental body shelters the emotional body, so it’s essential that we build the mind and make it strong. If the foundation and cornerstones of our mental castle are made of positive thoughts, then we can weather any storm.

Our spiritual bodies thrive on inspiration, imagination and enthusiasm. A happy spirit is like an innocent child at play. When the child develops the skills and powers of a responsible adult, the spirit soars. Our favorite affirmation is: “I am Calm, Cool and Creative.”

Our soulular bodies are indestructible and love this great adventure we call life. The soul’s mantra is: “Have no fear. Everything is all right. Everything has always been all right. Everything will always be all right.”

There are seven billion people on this planet and every single one of us has a host of angels to accompany us on our journey. At times we may feel like souls in exile, stumbling alone in the dark, but we are never alone. Everyone is under the watchful eye of the Creator. And your personal guardian angel is always close at hand, waiting for a chance to help you and make your life better. All you gotta do is call.

Our motto is: “Hire an angel. They need the work.”

Nothing is More Important Than…

When I was involved in a destructive relationship with a cruel man who cheated and lied, I lost the ability to think clearly. His lies left me feeling confused and unsure of myself. Even though he wasn’t good for me, I loved him and couldn’t bear the thought of living without him.

I needed help, so I said a prayer. At the end, I heard the words, “Nothing is more important than your peace of mind.” 

These words played in my mind like a song that gets stuck in your head. After several months of thinking about peace, of what it would be like to live in a peaceful environment, I found the courage to leave him.

After I began to lead a peaceful life, I wrote a book. Peace was the key that opened the door to creativity.  Peace allowed me to find meaning and purpose. Peace is the foundation of the creative process. And as children of the Creator, all of us were born to create. 

The following quote is from Vyada, a Universal Messenger:

“Each human being born upon this planet is given an allotment of time prior to their birth. It is essential that you use your time well, for it is a short period. Even though you incarnate lifetime after lifetime, so much of your time is used at the beginning, in the formation of your life, that very little time is left after you reach maturity.

“Tasks have been placed before you by the Master and you must go about completing your work, not knowing how many days or hours you have left. Do not waste your precious time with the trivialities and distractions of every day living. It is for you to know yourself, to find inner peace, and to make this earth a better place for others before you make your transition to the spiritual realm.”

Good vs. Evil

A client said to me, “Surely you know that there is evil in this world.”

He made this comment after an hour-long reading in which I had talked about the goodness and kindness of angels. I had spoken about my experiences in the World of Spirits, and how no real harm can happen to us. We are magnificent and powerful spiritual beings having a human experience. And as children of the Creator, we are divinely protected. No one ever dies and no one can kill us, because we are spiritual beings. Everything I had said seemed too good to be true, and yet it was the truth.

I have never had a terrifying experience with angels or any other kind of spiritual beings. The only possible exception was when a ghost tried to intimidate me, but I was more irritated than afraid.

It’s important to focus on good and not evil, because our thoughts create our reality. What we think about will happen to us. So if you don’t want to experience evil, don’t think about it.

Archangel Raphael said, “We come forth to admire all the peoples of this Earth. We come to glorify you. Accept this glorification and rise above all altercations from evil that are submitted upon you, for evil has no power unless it is recognized. Cast it aside and laugh at it.”

The Meaning of Life

As children of the Creator, we were born to create. Every one of us is a creator, an artist and the author of our own life. If we are not doing something creative, we feel dissatisfied, lost and unhappy.

We came to Earth School to learn how to create a good life and a wonderful world, for ourselves and others. Some of our teachers are Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Confucius, the Prophet Mohammad, Quan Yin, the Goddess Tara, Sundar Singh, all the Ascended Masters, and our friends the angels.

They are our spiritually mature brothers and sisters, as we are all children of the Creator. We are members of the Family of Light, and every living being is important, irreplaceable, and greatly loved.

Gift from the Angels

If you want to write a book, a good book with few if any mistakes, then you need to find at least one Reader. A Reader is a person who loves to read, is familiar with the subject you are writing about, and is willing to critique your work. I was lucky enough to find four faithful Readers, and they have contributed enormously to the new book I’m writing. The title is SWEDENBORG’S DAUGHTER: Memoirs of a Mystic. I hope to publish it before Christmas. Below is an email I received from one of my Readers.

Hi Donna,

I wanted to share some good news with you. In your email to me on 7/1/12 you wrote:

“Thank you so very much for your critique. It means so much to me. You are wonderful. Angels say that anyone who helps the angels will be well rewarded. Your work on this angel book will bring you spiritual rewards. If you want a particular gift, tell the angels what it is. Ask and you shall receive. It works.”

I thought long and hard, since I have a relatively long Wish list …. but finally decided that I most wanted a “Heavenly” Job ….. I asked the Angels for several days and then on 7/18/12 (the new moon) I interviewed for a position with “Celestial Seasonings” (that’s heavenly, right). Well, I start tomorrow (the full moon) and I’m am very excited. Those Angels work quickly …. and when you ask … it really does work.

I hope all is well with you.

Angels are willing to help you, too. Ask for what you need, and then have faith that the angels will provide.

Dear Reader

Today, I am giving birth to a blog. The reason for posting my thoughts is to share my life with you. I want to tell you about my mystical experiences, the wonders I have seen, and the knowledge that the Holy Spirit has given to me. It’s important to spread the Good News. In fact, it’s imperative, if you wish to work for the spiritual realm. But standing on a soapbox and shouting to a crowd is not my style. I prefer to write in silence and let the words speak for themselves.

Having a mystical experience is like breaking out of prison. An unseen hand opens the door, allowing you to escape from the cells of your physical body and the mental chains of the material world. Once outside the confines of time and space, you’re free to bask in the exquisite white light of the Holy Spirit. At last you’re Home again, where there is no such thing as “sin” or “crime and punishment.” In our Heavenly Home, only love exists – for you, for me, for one and all.

During a mystical experience, you realize that you have not been abandoned by your Divine Parents, the King and Queen of All That Is. They didn’t cast you out or expel you from Heaven. Rather, like wealthy parents who can afford to give their children a proper education, They enrolled you in Earth School, which is one of the Universe’s most luxurious boarding schools.

We left Heaven because we wanted to see the world, to learn and grow, to become greater, more magnificent and more powerful. Our common goal, our mission in life, is to graduate from Earth School with a degree in Mastery of Life.

Born Again

Forget about the past, with all its guilt and shame and worry. Let it go and start over again.

Angel Zaris says, “Allow this precious moment in time to be the beginning of a new life for you.”