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Nothing is More Important Than…

When I was involved in a destructive relationship with a cruel man who cheated and lied, I lost the ability to think clearly. His lies left me feeling confused and unsure of myself. Even though he wasn’t good for me, I loved him and couldn’t bear the thought of living without him.

I needed help, so I said a prayer. At the end, I heard the words, “Nothing is more important than your peace of mind.” 

These words played in my mind like a song that gets stuck in your head. After several months of thinking about peace, of what it would be like to live in a peaceful environment, I found the courage to leave him.

After I began to lead a peaceful life, I wrote a book. Peace was the key that opened the door to creativity.  Peace allowed me to find meaning and purpose. Peace is the foundation of the creative process. And as children of the Creator, all of us were born to create. 

The following quote is from Vyada, a Universal Messenger:

“Each human being born upon this planet is given an allotment of time prior to their birth. It is essential that you use your time well, for it is a short period. Even though you incarnate lifetime after lifetime, so much of your time is used at the beginning, in the formation of your life, that very little time is left after you reach maturity.

“Tasks have been placed before you by the Master and you must go about completing your work, not knowing how many days or hours you have left. Do not waste your precious time with the trivialities and distractions of every day living. It is for you to know yourself, to find inner peace, and to make this earth a better place for others before you make your transition to the spiritual realm.”

The Meaning of Life

As children of the Creator, we were born to create. Every one of us is a creator, an artist and the author of our own life. If we are not doing something creative, we feel dissatisfied, lost and unhappy.

We came to Earth School to learn how to create a good life and a wonderful world, for ourselves and others. Some of our teachers are Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Confucius, the Prophet Mohammad, Quan Yin, the Goddess Tara, Sundar Singh, all the Ascended Masters, and our friends the angels.

They are our spiritually mature brothers and sisters, as we are all children of the Creator. We are members of the Family of Light, and every living being is important, irreplaceable, and greatly loved.