Angel Academy June 2013 Newsletter

Happy Father’s Day
By Donna Wolfe Gatti


I was stunned when my guardian angel, Dalia, said, “It was your choice as to whom you would be born to. You chose your parents.”

Angels don’t lie, so I believed her. And yet, I couldn’t help but wonder why I had chosen Clarence Eugene Wolfe to be my father. Our relationship was formal and distant, and no one ever called me Daddy’s Little Girl – that was my sister’s title. They were two of a kind and practically inseparable, while I was a loner, an odd duck amongst the Wolfes. Read more…

Have We Met?
By Candi Byrne

Do you believe in love at first sight? Instant chemistry?

You’ve come in contact with thousands of people, but very likely, you’ve only experienced insta-love a handful of times.

What is it that causes two people to “click” immediately? You can’t force it to happen…you can’t avoid it happening. It just happens. Read more…

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