Star Children–Radio Show Replay

As always, it was a pleasure being on The Divine Connector Radio Show with April Reynolds.

We talked about Star Children, in the wake of the shootings in Connecticut. We also chatted about my new book, “Swedenborg’s Daughter: Memoirs of a Mystic,” and I gave Angel Readings to three callers.

Listen to the end for a special offer from Angel Academy.


2 thoughts on “Star Children–Radio Show Replay

  1. Hi there, my name is lindo 19 and female i read about your story…it really touchhed me…im nw left with a thought of wonder if i do have a guardian angel

    • Everybody and everything has a guardian angel. Even a blade of grass has a guardian angel standing over it, helping it grow. So, imagine how many angels follow you around, cheering you on, helping you whenever you ask for their help. You are greatly loved by all the angels in heaven. …Donna

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