Webinar–How to Communicate with the Deceased

After my sister Patty died, I just had to find out why.

I went to the authorities–Spiritual Authorities–who set up a hotline to my sister.

Patty gave me the answers I needed to hear.

Is there someone in your life who passed on and left you with questions?
Is there something you’re not doing because you still fear judgement or negativity from a departed parent or spouse?
Do you yearn to know that your deceased child is happy and living in Heaven?

Let me help you get relief.

Join me for a FREE Webinar where I’ll share a simple, three-step formula for communicating with the deceased, so you can get the answers you so desperately need.

During this session, I’ll cover:

  • The surprising ways your departed loved ones may already be communicating with you.
  • How to calm your fears about communicating with the dead.
  • The River of Life, where the deceased attend family reunions.
  • The Escort Angels, who appear before death and accompany the souls going to Heaven.

***Listen to the replay here***

BONUS! Download my gift to you–a FREE  How to Communicate with the Deceased ebook with the equation for success in communicating with the deceased. (file size: 12.5 MB)

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