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  • Prayer List

Send us the name of the person you want us to pray for. We’ll put a Circle of Light around your loved one and ask the angels for help. Our email address is:donna at angelacademy dot com. Your privacy is very important to us, so rest assured that we will never share or sell your information or that of the person you wish us to pray for.

  • Angel Readings


LOVE: You cannot imagine the depth and magnitude of your angels’ love. They smile upon you as they observe the good things that you do. When you make a mistake, they encourage you to get up and keep going. They shower you with loving thoughts and gentle feelings as you struggle to overcome the difficulties of daily living. Always they are at your side, your faithful and wise companions. In the morning, your guardians greet you with warm enthusiasm, thrilled for another new day of serving you. At night, they stroke your brow with tender affection, as you are serenely cherished. Nothing on Earth can compare to the power of an angel’s openhearted love.

HONOR: Angels honor you for simply being you. There are no rules in the spiritual realm other than “to be.” Therefore, angels do not judge, condemn or criticize. You do not have to say or do anything at all to be worthy to receive. Angels respect you for the brilliant light that shines forth from your soul. You deserve honor because you possess a noble spirit. As a child of the Creator, you are spiritual royalty.

TRUTH: Telling someone the truth is an act of love. Your angels want you to know what is true and what is not. As the veil of illusion is lifted, you will see yourself and others differently. When you view the world as it really is, pain and suffering leave you. Grief and sadness dissolve into a greater understanding. Peace of mind comes to those who strive for truth.

A session usually lasts from 40 minutes to an hour. I am more concerned about contacting your angels and getting you the information you need than in counting minutes. This is your opportunity to converse with your spirit guides and we want to make the most of it. You can ask anything that is on your mind.
My reading room is painted white, with white carpet, white furniture and white candles. There is a picture of cherubs, an angel statue, and a mirror trimmed in gold. In the beginning of the reading I play Gloria, my Angel Harp, for several seconds. Then I ask you to take a deep breath with me, in through the nose to the count of eight, hold to the count of eight, and exhale through the mouth to the count of eight. If you are not able to make it to eight, then four or even two will be good enough. The intention is to strive for a cleansing breath of fresh air.
Next, I call in your angels and guides and say a prayer designed especially for you. The prayer is based on information I receive during my morning meditation. Then it’s your turn to talk. I listen as you express your needs and desires, and the sound of your voice allows me to enter into your energy field. It is a sacred moment and one to be treasured.
Communicating with your angels and guides is a life-changing mystical experience. For me, channeling information from beyond the veil is holy work. I see and hear your angels, ancestors and other spiritual beings who wish to talk to you. For you, it will be the start of a new way of seeing the world, yourself, and the people in your Circle of Life.

Price for a telephone session, including audiotape, meditation notes, shipping & handling: $100.

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