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Donna Wolfe Gatti, Author, Speaker, and Founder of Angel Academy

Donna Gatti, Author, Speaker, and Founder of Angel Academy

Welcome to Angel Academy, a happy site devoted to angel lovers, the study of spirituality, and the attainment of enlightenment. I am Donna, your hostess, and my goal is to connect you with your guardian angel and spiritual guides. As a translator for our heavenly brothers and sisters, I deliver personal messages, word for word, from beyond the veil. My angels have granted all of my requests, and your angels can do the same for you. I am deeply indebted to these marvelous beings of light, and they have asked me to do only one thing in return:

Bring humankind nearer to us. We wish to come closer to them, but their fears place us at a distance. One tiny step towards our dimension gives us the permission we need to work miracles in their lives. We long to embrace them with love; we yearn to guide them and whisper into their mind’s ear the words they need to hear. We pray for them, yet they cannot hear our prayers. They feel desolate and alone. It is now time for angels and humanity to come together, to join hands with one another, and to create Heaven on Earth.

During my near death experience in 1974, two Escort Angels came to take me Home. Since then, I have been in touch with the celestial realm. I have seen angels as big as skyscrapers and others as small as a pinpoint of light. Archangel Michael, the Buddha, White Eagle, Warrior Angels, sepia-colored cherubs, and dancing light beings have shown themselves to me. I have entered the Halls of Knowledge and received instructions from the Great White Brotherhood, an organization on the ethereal plane that is dedicated to the spiritual evolution of humanity. There is no discrimination of any kind on the Other Side. “Great” and “White” refer to the loving white light in the higher dimensions. As no one is above or below another, what one can do all can do. I have seen, and you can too.

Within each of us dwells a mystic, a powerful source of spiritual energy and divine intelligence. This brilliant light inside your soul longs to be set free, to shine and radiate magic in your life. Allow it to come forth and rejuvenate you. As the angels refresh your memories of Home, you will recall why you were born and what you are here to do. You are a child of God, the Creator of the Universe, and you have certain unalienable rights. Step forward and claim your inheritance.

My clients have experienced the joy of communicating with their angels; they have felt the love that exists only in the hidden realms. At this precious moment in time, I have been given permission to perform this sacred work. Many others have learned the names of their angels and received heavenly guidance. You can too.

The world is changing. Soon, everybody will be in direct communication with his or her angels and guides. Why not you? Why not now?

I work for the angels. They give me a specific job to do and all the help I need to complete it. My first project was to act as scribe for When Angels Speak: Messages from the Keepers of The Lion’s Gate, which I co-authored with Nadira Duran. It is available in paperback at our bookstore.

Angels and Alchemy is the title of my second book, which will be published in the summer of 2003. An e-book version will be out very soon. If you love angels and want to know more about what they do and how they do it, this is the right book for you. Written in novel form, A & A is based on ancient wisdom and spiritual truths. The story reveals secrets nobody knows unless he or she has actually seen and conversed with heavenly beings.

The angels made me their writer, even though I did not go to college and hold no professional degrees of any kind. Universities cannot prepare a person to do spiritual work. My credentials are mystical experiences and encounters with angels. I’ve been to the Other Side on many occasions and have learned the language of Spirit. It is important to know that extraordinary things can and do happen to ordinary people like me. When you know that such wonders actually exist, then you begin to dream of having your own. You can have what you want and everything you need. All is within the ream of possibility. First one, and then another, until everyone has the ability to travel with ease beyond the veil.

My current task is connecting people with their angels and spiritual guides. I walk the bridge between Heaven and Earth, in search of spiritual nourishment. The angels have asked me to step forward and hold my lamp high, so that those who seek can find their way.


  • 1953: Reincarnation experience.

  • 1964: Reincarnation experience.

  • 1974: Near death experience.

  • 1984: Appearance before the Great White Brotherhood.

  • 1984: Visit to the Healing Chamber of Green Light.

  • 1988: Satori experience. “Satori” is Zen for “sudden enlightenment.”

  • 1992: Visit from Archangel Michael.

  • 1998: Angels appeared in the sky, bigger than skyscrapers.

  • 1998: Warrior Angels appeared at the doorways in my home.

  • 1999: Vision of the Creation of souls.

  • 2000: Visit from White Eagle. Initiation by water.

  • 2000: Divine Feminine Energy experience.
    Transference of the goddess energy.

  • 2001: Angels appeared like a halo to surround a friend in need.

  • 2002: Kundalini experience.

  • 2003: Two visits from White Eagle. Initiation by fire.


At the age of four, I suddenly recalled my prior lives. Time stood still as I watched my mother on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. The walls and ceiling dissolved into nothingness, and the roof disappeared from our house. A physical sensation came over me, as if an unseen force had placed a Cloak of Protection around my shoulders. Mother’s words could not be heard above that peculiar rushing sound of the ethereal silence. My spiritual eyes witnessed a substance, which looked like grains of black sand, being poured into the crown of my head. At that precise moment, I saw a long line of women who had been my mothers in previous lifetimes. And I knew, with that strange and wonderful sense of knowingness, that I was not a helpless child but a powerful spiritual being on an extended journey, a long way from Home.

A similar episode occurred when I was fifteen. Fighting in Vietnam had just begun and our boys were going off to war. As my girlfriends discussed the situation, I found myself outside of present time. I was transported to airspace over a battlefield, looking down at the bloody carnage. I was one of the dead soldiers wearing an American Civil War uniform. I recalled rising up, out of the confines of my physical body. But before I (my ethereal body) could leave the Earth’s atmosphere, I had to view the scene below. There was a lesson to be learned, and it would reveal itself to me only if I looked to find it.

While gazing at the wounded young man’s body, which I had inhabited only seconds ago, I made a vow. I promised myself that I would never again participate in a war. To lose precious life in a fight against my fellow man, a war declared by men who did not shed a drop of their own blood, was stupid and senseless. I vowed to find another way. Since then, I have reincarnated over and over again, but always as a woman.


My first encounter with angels occurred in 1974. While undergoing a surgical procedure, the doctor made a mistake, cut an artery, and I lost too much blood to sustain life. As my physical body lay dying on the operating table, I rose up and surveyed the situation. I noticed that the doctors and nurses were upset, and were working desperately to save me. In my ethereal body, with my mental faculties and personality intact, I went nose-to-nose with each one and told them to relax, that I was okay, but they ignored me. Frustrated, I moved higher up, away from my body, and began to fly. Gravity had no effect on me. Flying was natural and effortless, sort of like swimming underwater, but in an ocean of brilliant white light.

I heard a kind and gentle voice speak. Without my asking, the Voice answered all the big questions about life. Then, my smallest concerns were addressed as if they were matters of great importance. When the Voice told me why Aunt Bettie married Uncle Fred, I giggled with joy and contentment. My curiosity had been completely satisfied, and I felt like a child held in the arms of a loving parent after a hard day at school. The Voice in the Light had anticipated and joyfully fulfilled my needs and desires, with good humor, extreme love and enormous tenderness.

The nurse yelled, “We’re losing her,” and at the sound of distress I was propelled upward. The farther up I went, the brighter the Light became. Two cherubs appeared, one on either side of me, and we slowly drifted to the corner of the ceiling. We communicated through mental telepathy, which is faster and more efficient than mere words. They told me they were Escort Angels and had come to take me Home. But before we could go, I had to look at the body I was leaving behind. She was twenty-five years old and in perfect health, except for the loss of blood and spirit. I determined that the situation was not serious enough, and in less than an instant I reentered my physical body through the navel. I was back on Earth and suffering from Homesickness.

I looked up at the ceiling to see the Escort Angels fly through the wall, and I became emotionally distraught. I was embarrassed because I had forgotten to thank them for coming to get me. Years later, whenever I thought about my lack of good manners, I cringed inside. One day, I heard one of them say, “Why don’t you thank us now?” I laughed, relieved that I could right a wrong. I said, “Thank you,” and I saw balloons, confetti, and two tiny cherubs dancing in celebration.



 The title “Great White Brotherhood” is often misunderstood. “Great” and “White” refer to light, and “Brotherhood” includes women. It is not a sexist term, as there is no discrimination of any kind in the spiritual realm. The Brotherhood comprises a group of Ascended Masters dedicated to the spiritual evolution of humanity. Their current project is known as “The Awakening” and many people have already received or will soon be getting a personal wake-up call.

The Brothers are preparing us for the Aquarian Age, a new era of enlightenment that builds on the values expressed in the Constitution of the United States, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. America’s Founding Fathers gained inspiration and guidance from the Brotherhood. All human beings who choose to be part of the Brotherhood are readily accepted, but most people aren’t aware that it exists. Other names are used for these heavenly hosts, such as the Brotherhood of White Light, the Council of Light, and the Great White Lodge.

My first experience with the Brotherhood occurred in 1984, at a time when my life was falling apart. Nothing was going right, not in my job or personal life. The friends I had were partygoers who quickly dropped me when they smelled trouble, as they did not associate with needy people. My family lived on the East Coast, over three thousand miles away from my home in Oregon, and I didn’t want to bother them with my problems. I felt all alone in the world.

One night, around midnight, I was lifted up out of my body and taken into the spiritual realm. Hundreds of tiny white lights that looked like baby birds escorted me to an electronic walkway. I stepped on and it took me inside a building that resembled a courthouse or a library. It was made of white crystal with polished Greek columns, and the letters on the front read Hall of Knowledge. Men in brown and white hooded robes were gathered in small groups outside, and people were walking in and out of the Hall. It reminded me of a college campus.

The walkway stopped before a table of seven monks, leaving me directly in front of the man seated at the center. He was tall and thin, and had a long gray beard and mustache. His hood was pulled up over his head and he appeared to be the leader. The others were whispering to one another, and a slightly pudgy monk was walking back and forth, delivering messages. Every now and then a couple of men would glance in my direction. They were obviously talking about me, discussing my situation. Like a prisoner awaiting sentencing, I kept my head down, silently awaiting my fate. I somehow knew it was disrespectful to look them in the eye, but I could see their faces in my peripheral vision and they mirrored the middle-aged guys you find in a Jesuit seminary. The six men soon quit talking, having reached a consensus of opinion. The monk with the big belly cupped his hand over his mouth and said something to the leader, who nodded in agreement, and the walkway started moving me backwards. As I was going out, I looked up and saw a red neon sign flashing on and off above the heads of the men. It read: CONCENTRATION.

I fell into a sound sleep and the next morning, before I opened my eyes, I concentrated on opening my eyes. Then, before stepping out of bed, I concentrated on pulling the covers off and placing my feet on the floor. As I brushed my teeth, I concentrated on doing it very carefully. The whole day went like that. I was fully in the moment, too busy concentrating on the task at hand to worry or be depressed.

Through the miracle of concentration, as small as it may seem, my entire life turned around. I earned enough money to pay the bills and my personal affairs fell into place, as if by magic.

The Brothers taught me the power of undiluted, single-minded focus, which gave new meaning to being in the moment, in the now. The Brotherhood had supplied a practical and easy solution for both my heartache and financial problems.

You may be wondering how I knew who the Brothers were. When you’re in the spiritual realm you know everything you need to know. It’s called knowingness. All of your questions are answered through mental telepathy, usually before you ask them. I believe they summoned me because they knew I would share my experiences with others, such as you. Your spiritual progress is of utmost importance to them and all those in the angelic realm.

The Brothers help everyone who requests their services. At times I wake up knowing that I have been with them, attending classes and taking tests in the spiritual realm, but the details are a blur. I believe they are addressing my subconscious or super conscious mind, teaching me to stop worrying and being depressed, because worry and depression attract more of the same plus other negative spirits, like guilt, shame, regret and fear. They want humanity to release negativity, which is a gravitational force that flattens our spirit and prevents us from rising up and becoming an angel or an Ascended Master in the Council of Light.


In the winter of 1984, I became physically ill and emotionally exhausted. At the time I was living alone, without anyone to administer a little tender loving care. One night I woke up in the spiritual realm, having no memory of how I got there. A tall man in a hooded robe stood near me, his face hidden from view. I was lying down, my etheric body supported by light rather than a bed. The whole room was filled with nothing but green light, in a shade that cannot be found in our world. I was told that I was in the Green Healing Chamber, being bathed in light. I fell asleep and woke up the next morning, feeling completely refreshed and rejuvenated.

I believe that in the future we will heal people on Earth with colored light, similar to the way they do it in the spiritual realm. Through the years various practitioners have presented the idea, complete with instruction books, color panels and lighting equipment, but with little success. Some were blocked in their efforts by the American Medical Association. Others tried to recreate the healing chamber but could not get it exactly right. Angels have the technology. All we need is a determined person to roll up his or her sleeves and conduct some serious experiments, someone like Jonas Salk or Thomas Edison or maybe even you.


“Satori” is Japanese for “sudden enlightenment.” Nirvana, Utopia, Paradise, Shangri-La, Wonderland or bliss could be used to describe this heavenly experience, but I chose “satori” because I was reading a book about Zen Buddhism when it happened to me.

In 1988, while sitting in half-lotus position on my living room sofa, I was lifted up into the light. I was neither meditating nor praying, but simply reading a book entitled “Chop Wood, Carry Water” and drinking a glass of wine. It was after ten at night and I was very happy. My life was good and I didn’t have a care in the world.

Suddenly but gently I was taken out of my body and into a bright white light. Furniture, walls and even the ceiling disappeared, as if they were just an illusion and without substance. Light flowed through my body and radiated all around me. Above the white light was a circle of yellow-gold, like the sun but more brilliant. I felt the presence of others but saw no one. I sensed they were giving me time to look around and savor the moment. There was great intelligence in the light and it emanated knowledge. It told me that I was part of the totality of All That Is. I was in God and God was in me, but God was also outside me. God was big. God was the Universe. God was Love. God was Light. God was everywhere, God was in everyone and God was in everything.

From behind me, on the right side, I heard someone say, “Oneness. Oneness. Oneness.” The word vibrated with meaning and importance. Then calmly, majestically and with emphasis on every syllable, the voice said, “Everything is all right. Everything has always been all right. Everything will always be all right.”

Very slowly I was lowered and put back into my body. After settling in, I opened my eyes and discovered that every object in the room glowed. The faux-marble coffee table sparkled with life and the arched doorway leading to the kitchen had become an architectural marvel. I considered looking out the picture window at the front yard, but was afraid that I would swoon from too much beauty. All that I looked at for two and a half days radiated light, and then the glow faded away.

Now when I hear bad news and feel a pinch of anxiety, I remember that God is in charge and there is nothing to fear. Everything is all right. Everything has always been all right and everything will always be all right.


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  1. Dear Donna this is Cara! You have been heavy on my mind. I would like to make an appointment for tomorrow. We can do a phone session. I will send you money for the appt. Love you sister!

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