Dear Reader

Today, I am giving birth to a blog. The reason for posting my thoughts is to share my life with you. I want to tell you about my mystical experiences, the wonders I have seen, and the knowledge that the Holy Spirit has given to me. It’s important to spread the Good News. In fact, it’s imperative, if you wish to work for the spiritual realm. But standing on a soapbox and shouting to a crowd is not my style. I prefer to write in silence and let the words speak for themselves.

Having a mystical experience is like breaking out of prison. An unseen hand opens the door, allowing you to escape from the cells of your physical body and the mental chains of the material world. Once outside the confines of time and space, you’re free to bask in the exquisite white light of the Holy Spirit. At last you’re Home again, where there is no such thing as “sin” or “crime and punishment.” In our Heavenly Home, only love exists – for you, for me, for one and all.

During a mystical experience, you realize that you have not been abandoned by your Divine Parents, the King and Queen of All That Is. They didn’t cast you out or expel you from Heaven. Rather, like wealthy parents who can afford to give their children a proper education, They enrolled you in Earth School, which is one of the Universe’s most luxurious boarding schools.

We left Heaven because we wanted to see the world, to learn and grow, to become greater, more magnificent and more powerful. Our common goal, our mission in life, is to graduate from Earth School with a degree in Mastery of Life.

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