“When Angels Speak”–Free 140-page ebook

When Angels SpeakTwenty years ago, I gave myself a life-changing gift, and now I’d like to share it with you.

In search of my purpose in life, I booked a reading with a well-known psychic, Nadira Duran. I learned not only did I have a guardian angel named Dalia, she’d been tapping her foot waiting for me to awaken spiritually.

I had a job to do.

Angel Dalia said my purpose in life was to walk with Spirit and write books for the angels.

You see, while angels can work miracles, they can’t put pen to paper and publish books–that’s a material activity for physical beings.

Over a three-month period, Nadira channeled 18 messages from 13 angels, and I transcribed and compiled them into my first book, When Angels Speak: Messages from the Keepers of The Lion’s Gate.

The Messengers in When Angels Speak are: King Solomon; Mary, the Mother of Jesus; Chadeau, Protector of the Children; Sundar Singh, Ascended Master Teacher; Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel; Isaac, Son of Abraham and Sarah; Carmen, Protector of the Abused; Vyada, Universal Master Teacher; Prophet Muhammad; and Queen Esther.

Some of the topics the angels speak about are: Star Children, The Awakening, How to Heal Yourself and Others, the Prophecies in Revelations, Fear, Depression, Soul Power, Physical Rejuvenation, and Love.

The print version of When Angels Speak is no longer available. Many people who’ve read my other three angel books–Angels and Alchemy, The Angel Diet Cookbook: How To Lose Weight and Gain Enlightenment, and Swedenborg’s Daughter: Memoirs of a Mystic–have lobbied for a reprint.

They want to study and absorb the messages of comfort, joy, and enlightenment delivered by God’s holy emissaries through Nadira and me.

My gift to them–and to all–is an ebook version of When Angels Speak.

No strings attached. Nothing else to buy, or sign up for. No fine print.


Please share the love–tell your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, LinkedIn contacts, and blog readers.

Hope this gift of When Angels Speak will prove as transformational for you as the original channeled messages were for me.


9 thoughts on ““When Angels Speak”–Free 140-page ebook

  1. Ho where is the free Ebook link? It’s been one month I’ve been trying to connect with angels nothing happens I’ve spent like $ 50 online for courses and books nothing happens. I have free will, taken out the negativity, done all things necessary, I don’t see signs or hear them in my head. I don’t find coins or feathers. Please I’m desperate.

    • Hello, my friend. Thank you for writing to us.

      To download the free Ebook, WHEN ANGELS SPEAK, go to the BOOKS AND PRODUCTS page on angelacademy.com.

      You wrote that you have been trying to connect with angels, without success. It is important to be patient, to believe that angels are constantly surrounding you with love and light, and to learn how angels communicate.

      Oftentimes, the thoughts that come into your mind are actually angels talking to you. You may think they are your thoughts, and sometimes they are, but quite often the angels are putting positive ideas in your head. This is direct communication, and much more valuable than finding coins and feathers, which may or may not be from angels.

      There are more ways that angels connect and communicate with us. But for now, pay attention to the thoughts that pop into your mind and determine whether they belong to you or your angels.

      Blessings to you & yours,
      Donna Wolfe Gatti

      • Hi Donna, thank you so much for a straight and understanding reply. If you have any kind of exercise or course for communing with angels please do let me know. I wanted to know my life purpose and devote my life to GOD. Now I can decide which thoughts are mine and which ones are from the angels.

        Thank you very much

    • Yes as you are naturally adepted to commune and interact with Angels, for us it’s very hard to communicate. Most of the meditation on the net are very hard to achieve that state. I even tried your “How to communicate with Deceased” I could not meet my sister. If you communicate with my sister and father what is the fee for it? Please email me the reply…

  2. I have read ANGELS SPEAK when my life was in shambles and helped me out tremendously. Unfortunately I lost it when I moved. Going to purchase another one. In the meantime i would like the free 140pg eBook. Thank you.

  3. I only recently developed an interest In Angels and this morning I felt I was guided to your website. I downloaded the free ebook and I can’ t stop reading. It is so very interesting. Thank you all so very much . I do appreciate it.

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