Angel Advice

ALL of your thoughts are very important. If you are wondering about anything, you have the right to have your curiosity satisfied. Send your questions to donna at angelacademy dot com. To protect your privacy, names will be disguised and letters will be edited.

Dear Donna,

I feel this unsettling feeling, as if I am still searching for what it is I am supposed to do. I do not want to waste my life in any way. The problem is, I know I need to be helping people, but I am just not sure which direction to go.


Dear Confused,

The desire to help others is very noble, but first you must fulfill the needs of your Higher Self. Think of yourself as an astronaut and the Higher Self as NASA. Astronauts journey into outer space to explore new territory. NASA gives them a list of things to do, by order of importance. After they check off #1, they can go on to #2. They are expected to obey their commanding officer and not deviate from the schedule. After their work is complete, they can look out the window and admire the view.

Your Higher Self sent you to Earth on a mission. The territory you are here to explore is Inner Space. The philosophers got it right when they said Know Thyself. Society tells us to be self-sacrificing and to deny ourselves in favor of others. But the Angels see life from a different perspective.

Only a state of grace separates you from fulfilling the void within. It is merely an imaginary line that you have not crossed over. Remove the line, if you will, and the doorway of happiness will open for you.

This life is not one of guiltiness for you; it is not one of chastisement. You have harmed your own inner being by not allowing its natural ability to unfold. And I say this not in a way harshly. I say this so that you will see with clarity what is and what is not.

It is not here nor there that you appease others. But it is here and now that you must find happiness. This is a very hard lesson for most of you on the Earth plane to learn. It is cloaked in the term “selfishness,” but I say to you no, it is not. For you must seek what you desire and attain your wishes. Do not allow the rules of other people to interfere with your life, for there is no rule in the spiritual realm other than “to be.”

Like NASA, your Higher Self has a long checklist. You are here to accomplish many wonderful things, which includes taking care of others, but first you have to take care of yourself. In the eyes of Spirit, nothing is more important than your happiness. As the Angel said, that is a very hard lesson to learn.

Pay attention to that nagging sense that makes you feel as if you should be helping people. Start with the person you are today, in this lifetime. Ask her what she wants and needs out of this particular life. Enter into the realm of truth and be completely honest with yourself. No matter how selfish others may view you, know inside that you are taking care of business. You are more magnificent than you can possibly imagine. When you come to know your true self, you will fall in love with the world and everyone in it. And loving people is the most helpful thing you can do for them.

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